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Welcome to our JIRA test data generator, which creates a JSON import file to populate a JIRA instance with a semi-realistic set of issues, users, and other data. We made this at Expium to improve our JIRA training course, but because it is so useful we have made it open for all JIRA users.

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Welcome to our JIRA test data generator. This tool produces a JSON import file, suitable to import into a fresh, empty JIRA instance. Read on for details.


At Expium, we teach a JIRA class in which students learn hands-on how to use numerous complex administrative features. To try those features, it is extremely helpful to have a large number of issues, projects, users, etc. in a JIRA instance.

Instead of risking production versions of JIRA or using an empty demonstration instance, we need to be able to generate a populated JIRA instance with lots of random data. Yet the data should not be completely random; the dates, for example, should be sequential in that an item should not be due before it is created, and so on.

In the past there have been tools for this from Atlassian or third parties, but as far as we can tell none of these are available for the current (as of 2017) JIRA versions; and they were packaged as JIRA plug-ins, which means they cannot be installed into JIRA Cloud.

Jumble currently works with both JIRA Software 7.x and JIRA 6.x . Due to changes between JIRA Software 7.x and JIRA 6.x, you will need to specify which you want.